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operating expenses

Below are the operating expenses that will be covered by each tenant of the Q building. The costs are shared amongst all tenants – top and bottom floor. These include:

  • Rates

  • Building Certificate

  • Building Insurance

  • Fire

  • Aircon

  • Lift to Second Floor (Maintenance)

  • Water Feature Around Building (Maintenance)

  • External Building Clean

  • Internal Building Cleaning (not offices)

  • Internet – Fibre Connection

  • State of the art Wireless Internet System

  • Power

  • Gas

  • Water

  • Shared Kitchen Basic Supplies

  • Gardening Maintenace

Shared receptionist (Optional)

The top floor has a shared receptionist area. If 3 or more tenants of the building require a receptionist then we would look at hiring a shared receptionist for the office space above and below the building. The receptionist salary will be divided between the tenants who require a receptionist. Currently we have 1-2 tenants who would like a shared receptionist for their business. 

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